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Private Cloud Solutions

For organizations that currently utilize the power, scalability and reliability of the public cloud, but are looking for a greater level of control, private cloud computing can define that answer. This dedicated secure environment allows for organizations to customize their cloud environment to seamless work with their business. An ARKAY cloud specialist can assist with gaining a better understanding of how your organization is utilizing the cloud, and setting up a plan to converting to a hybrid or private cloud setting.

This self service infrastructure can offer quicker access to applications, data and functionality due to it’s dedicated, single user environment. Private cloud access has a high level of security due to it’s isolated, dedicated network that it runs on. Gain a higher level of performance over using public cloud and work with an ARKAY Cloud specialist to understand the needs of your company and tailor a solution that is unique to your organization.

Quick facts about Private Cloud Solutions

  • Perfect for organizations that have compliance regulations
  • Dedicated environment to run business critical applications
  • Customizable environment that suits unique organizational needs
  • Use a private cloud to set up a disaster recovery plan
  • Optimize as a testing environment for applications and programming

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