Backup Data Protection

Backup Data Protection

Running into issues regarding your storage limits? Reducing your storage requirements, while keeping your company in compliance, ensures a safe and long-term solution for any organization. With instant access to archived data, there no longer a need for time consuming hard drive backups when this process is automated. Reduce the risk of corruption or having data accidentally deleted when automatic updates are happening.

ARKAY’s team of engineers can assist with mapping out an archiving solution that will fit any organization’s needs. Let our team spearhead the complexities of your archiving policy, while giving your team access to the data they need, on any device.

Quick facts about Backup Data Protection

  • Automate your backup policies and create ease of mind with scheduled backups
  • Simplify, while securely managing your data.
  • Implement a storage backup plan that works with your compliance regulations
  • Eliminate redundancies in your data practices
  • Backup your data directly to the cloud or another private location
  • Reduce the cost and time of system outages

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