Disaster Recovery Data Protection

Disaster Recovery Data Protection

With the increased complexities of a company’s data infrastructure, implementing a disaster recovery solution can sometimes be a secondary thought for businesses. During the case of a disaster or system failure, having an disaster recovery plan can be the difference of getting your business back up and running or experiencing a lengthy manual restore.

ARKAY can provide a variety of different disaster recovery solutions to increase the efficiencies of your business and create an environment which is easy to set up and manage. An automated backup solution can be directly integrated into your existing setup and with the support of our IT staff, we can insure a seamless integration. Take control of managing the backups of multiple environments, and learn why hundreds of businesses have trusted ARKAY to execute their automated data backups for their business. With our technology partners, we stand beyond our hardware and software solutions we provide for your business and partnering with ARKAY provides a thorough understanding of your unique business needs.

Quick facts about Disaster Recovery Data Protection

  • Automate your backup policies and create ease of mind with scheduled backups
  • Reduce costs by moving away from Tape Storage
  • Backup your data directly to the cloud or another private location
  • Reduce the cost and time of system outages
  • Increase your services uptime
  • Improve the experience of your subscriber base by reducing down time

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