Data Storage

Data Storage Solutions for All Sizes

Corporate data is generated at an unprecedented rate. The ability to harness that data is what will ultimately differentiate your business from competitors. Regardless of type or amount, how you store your data is critical. Arkay has expertise in SAN, NAS, Hyper-Converged and Open-Converged storage. We can help you determine the best data storage solution based on your specific retrieval needs – whether you’re dealing with day-to-day data or ample storage requirements.

A storage area network, or SAN, is a high-speed storage solution that can enhance storage utilization and productiveness. SAN storage provides block-level network access which can improve your organization’s data protection and security.

NAS Storage, also know as network-attached storage, is a dedicated file storage device that provides LAN networks file sharing through an ethernet connection. NAS storage solutions are managed with a browser-based utility program giving your organization complete control of the data that is being stored.

Hyper-Converged storage is an innovative software-defined solution, which gives organizations the ability to combine their entire infrastructure. This solution executes with the sharpness of the cloud while allowing the capabilities of having an on premise infrastructure.

Arkay offers a new take on modern convergence we call Composable Infrastructure. Our platform combines VMware, Linux KVM and even bare metal Docker hosts with flash-based primary storage, cost-optimized secondary storage and archive to cloud.