Hyper-Converged Data Storage

Hyper-Converged Data Storage

Hyper-Converged storage is an innovative software-defined solution, which gives organizations the ability to combine their entire infrastructure. This solution executes with the sharpness of the cloud while allowing the capabilities of having an on premise infrastructure. With Arkay’s technical leadership, our team can illustrate how flexible hyper-converged storage can help lower upfront costs for your organization, while vastly improving data center performance.

Begin the process of thoroughly managing your infrastructure and maximize ROI by minimizing your current data center footprint. Automated disaster recovery, with complete data protection, allows for IT teams to magnify their resources. By leveraging the power of your current infrastructure, applications that drive business have never responded better. Let Arkay’s expertise drive the road map for implementing this single, unified system which drives efficiency and drives future scalability.

Quick facts about Hyper-Converged Data Storage

  • Consolidate and maximize your current infrastructure
  • Automated backups provide a greater level of data protection
  • Optimized for a variety of different apps like Microsoft Exchange and SQL
  • Improve operational efficiency through a single, unified system
  • Better your organization’s RTO success rates

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