NAS Data Storage

NAS Storage

NAS Storage, also know as network-attached storage, is a dedicated file storage device that provides LAN networks file sharing through an ethernet connection. NAS storage solutions are managed with a browser-based utility program giving your organization complete control of the data that is being stored.

NAS storage has a variety of different use cases and also provides organizations a high level of flexibility allowing this storage to be clustered together for scalable purposes. Arkay’s diverse experience with NAS storage allows for a quick instal on all major network programs. Begin the exploration on how a NAS storage solution can benefit your organization. Reach out to our technical staff to find the right fit for your organization with the support of Arkay.

Quick facts about NAS Data Storage

  • NAS can include preconfigured disk capacity that can be quickly installed on popular network platforms.
  • Simplify your data management process, no matter how large your data structure becomes
  • Increase your organization’s data flexibility through Arkay’s IT support planning
  • Predictable performance and scalability

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